Longing To Reap The Harvest

in order that I may reap some harvest among you  (from Apostle Paul) Romans 1:13

Because of the Cross there is longing within you just as it was for Paul.  Yet Paul had visionary advantage as he knew businesses that would harvest wheat on the threshing floor.  The grain was placed on a hard flat surface some twenty feet in diameter, animals dragged sledges over it, and the harvest floor was always placed where there would be good wind so that grain would be winnowed.

Wind is integral to your harvesting time also; the Wind of the Holy Spirit.  Place your visionary surface with a long diameter where you work, volunteer, or have as a home.  Be not afraid to use the Power of God for salvation in this wide area, for in the greatness of God thru your faith in Jesus Christ the power of God’s righteousness is alive.  The righteousness of God acts in His will to pardon and accept those who humble themselves before the Cross, as the Wind of the Spirit winnows.

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