God’s Faithfulness

Will their faithlessness nullify the faithfulness of God?  Romans 3:3

God has made promises to us from the start of creation which are recorded in Scriptures.  He chooses a covenant people , the Israelites, and gives them laws through Moses so that in keeping the laws their lives may be blessed– yet some did not keep these.  As we have been created for loving relationship with God, throughout the generations there have been those who have turned their backs on God and lived selfishly and foolishly.

Jesus redeems each soul who surrenders their life to Him.  As you respond to His salvation with actions of humble confession and heartfelt apology you are living in obedience.  Through Jesus Christ you have a way into faithfulness.  His way is paved with forgiveness and redeeming Love.  God is faithful and so may you be faithful when your heart abides in Jesus Christ.

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