You Cannot Work For It

It depends on faith, in order that the promise may rest on grace and He guaranteed to all his descendants… Romans 4:16

At a job, there are expectations of you, job reviews, and annual goals set for you to accomplish.  At faith, to attain your hope of righteousness you simply receive God’s acceptance of you and then you honor God with your obedience by having sure faith in Jesus Christ Resurrected.  

Is this for you alone or can anyone have this?  It is dependent on faith and trust in Jesus Christ so that anyone who is a believer receives our Almighty God’s loving care.  

It is marvelous.  The promise began with Abraham and Sara, that by faith in the One true God, you and others are adopted into the gathering of believers who use Jesus’ Spirit to bring all the world into the Kingdom of God.  Very marvelous.

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