Go Past The ‘h’ In Hope

…access to the grace in which we stand, and we boast of our hope of sharing the glory of God.  Romans 5:2

Having access to God’s grace gives you forgiveness when you mess up, make mistakes, or get a situation wrong.  Stay calm and alert yet do not fall into self pity for when you use these wrongs as learning experiences and do not repeat them then you stand firm in faith’s grace- God loves you, forgives you, redeems you, heals your heart.

Because you are in receivership of grace, extend grand grace to others and help them to learn from their experiences too.  Tell someone else, when they experience life’s struggles like you have, about how God has helped you and what your faith alive in Christ has done, and how Jesus loves you even though you are not perfect.   Help someone else to use the hope principle.

Hope is ignited like a candle in your heart by grace but you need to think and act the entire word and not stop just at the ‘h’.  How?  When you like others yet you cannot love them with their flaws and differences then you stall hope in their life.  Use all of hope.  Hope that they will find Jesus’ Way.  Hope that tomorrow they will do better and better.   Hope that their faith will mature and the fruits of the Holy Spirit will flourish in their life. (Galatians 5:22).

One one believer’s hope heart fire can show others how to burn brightly in Christ.

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