Why The Water?

All of us who were Baptized were Baptized into His death.  Romans 6:3

Such a change in a person as after the person is Baptized, and that includes infants.  I believe in infant Baptism, more because what I have witnessed as a Pastor and because of the Scriptural directive.   Why important?  During Baptism there is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that washes the soul clean and aligns the heart for oneness with Jesus Christ.

Jesus went to the Cross to die knowing that He was providing an open way– for anyone who believes in Him to be linked directly to the Creator and Heavenly Father in holiness; this is salvation and when you publically give yourself to Him that act of faith is blessed.  Combined with this is Baptism; through which you receive the full anointing of the Holy Spirit which is Jesus’ Presence within you.

If you have not been Baptized or have a child who is not Baptized do it as soon as possible.  You come alive with Christ’s Presence within you when Baptized.  Have you already been Baptized and have forgotten the power in the holiness of Christ that is available for you to use?  Put your faith into action in any situation as the Holy Spirit is in readiness with power, potential, and possibilities.

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