For all who are led by the Spirit are children of God.  Romans 8:14

Truly know Jesus as continual love.  Become sure of it.  There is no comparison for His sincere love for you.  You have been adopted into His family and His Presence is alive with you.  His Presence is like a magnet in that you are drawn to Him and experience a non-aloneness.

Just as Jesus walked this good earth with a increased sensitivity, by the Holy Spirit your senses are fine tuned to the silent cries and heartbreaks of others.  Listen closely to the Holy Spirit’s prompting to respond, for you have multiple opportunities to bless others with Him.  Boldly be compassionate and unselfish as the Holy Spirit increases your awareness to cradle.

Jesus, like a mother, cradles cherished-children.  This is how we cherish one another.

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