Sorrow Makes The Offer

I have great sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart.  Romans 9:2

Paul’s heart mourns because some of the chosen Israelites not only reject the lineage of Christ, they also stray from the Spirit of God who fulfills God’s promises.  Jesus had great sorrow too.  Jesus had wept over Jerusalem as some of those in the chosen lineage (with roots in Sarah and Abraham, Genesis 21:9-12, and child Isaac, the child of the Spirit) did not receive Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

Here is the cry of our souls also: the sad and mournful thing within us as those whom we love reject Jesus, the life giver and God’s truth, and turn their backs on faith’s Gift.  Yet due to our unfailing zeal for Christ we do not give up in offering Christ to each as we stand steadfast on God’s promises fulfilled in the Good News of Jesus.

In unbroken line throughout generations we step up to give all of Christ’s compassion we can give, with all the might we can muster, as we are strengthened by the Holy Spirit.  Companioned by our Good Shepherd we stand firm in faith to offer Christ again and again until all the world knows Him.  Offer Christ again and again.

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