The Stone

They have stumbled over the stumbling Stone.  Romans 9:32

Paul has hit a home run with Prophetic words.  He’s calling us to today’s task.  The stumbling Stone which God has placed in everyone’s path is Christ.   Paul is saying that when we watch ourselves stumble and yet do nothing about what we stumbled over then we turn our backs on God’s will to Save souls through Jesus Christ.   All people are invited and welcomed to come into New Life through Christ.  Christ is the Gospel Truth.

To stumble over Jesus Christ during moral depravity, leadership miscarriage of justice, and harmful national actions that injure the poor, children, and widows is stumbling over the Stone which God has placed in our paths (Isaiah 9:16-10:6).

What are we, the believers in Jesus, to do?  It is necessary that we not fail in faith’s duty to produce fruits for the Kingdom of God.  (Matthew 21:43).    Belief or faith in Christ leads to salvation.  Witness to salvation.  You and I have heard the Gospel, we understand the Gospel, and now we act active and alive with the Gospel.

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