Expect Surrender

Whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lords.  Romans 14:8

Find fearlessness with which our Lord anoints you.  Have no fear, whether you live or die you are the Lord’s child– name it, claim it, do it, profess it.  Take His ample opportunities placed before you to show and talk Christ.  This is the consecrated and holy life you are in covenant to and His is the power you use as you do it.

Claim Christ’s assurance that those who are incensed against Jesus shall come to Him and be ashamed.  (Isaiah 45:24)  You are a part of what God is doing right in front of you as the Kingdom of Heaven is richly alive through the Holy Spirit’s engagement with those- they are shocked to discover that at the name of Jesus every kneee should bend and every tongue profess that Jesus Christ is Lord.  (Philippians 2:10-11) 

Live expecting that they will surrender under the name of Jesus Christ.  Your fearless compassion for their soul comes from the  assurance that death has no power over believers because Christ has conquered death; eternal life with Christ Resurrected is included in the consecrated and holy life of all Christians.  

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