Let All The People

Praise the Lord, all you Gentiles, and let all the people praise Him.  Romans 15:11

We could live a life in constant pain, apart and without a way to God’s mercies and blessings, and yet we have been delivered into salvation through Jesus Christ and we are thankful.  We have been grafted into the plan of salvation.  So our distress, imbalance, and pain is removed and we are embraced in His Peace.  

God’s gift has been given– the merciful gift of Jesus Christ, alive within our hearts.  The plan that the prophet Isaiah fortold, referenced for us in the book of Isaiah chapter 11, is ours.  Praise to the Lord!  Give gratitude to Christ for His death on the Cross and His Resurrection from the tomb because you and all believers are a part of His plan, purpose, and proposal to others to join us in giving thanks and praise.

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