Easter Joy!

bring about the obedience of faith– to the only wise God, through Jesus Christ, to whom be the glory forever.   Amen!  Romans 16:26-27

Jesus dies on the Cross, the untearable curtain tears at the Holy of Holy, the earth shook and darkeness fills the land.  Creation mourns Jesus’ death as with those who loved and adored the Son of God.   On the third day God rolls away the stone from the entrance to the tomb so obediently Mary Magdalene may view its emptiness filled with Resurrection glow.  Not quite understanding, she walks back out to the tomb garden to weep and cry and suddenly finds Jesus stands beside her and speaks her beautiful name.  

Her recognition of our not-yet-ascended Jesus Messsiah is loves next to best moment.  

Loves best moment comes in not one, but many.  Our Risen Christ appears to the women and men disciples, to children, youth, and adults healed and touched by the pure nard of His love.  Risen, He appears and appears and appears.  Joy overflows in the hearts and minds of believers, awestruck at the successful Salvation solution for us who call Him Lord and Savior, Redeemer and Good Shepherd.  Christ turns creation’s sorrow into the splendor of joy, fearless and soothing.  Christ Lives! Victory!!!!

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