Your Family And Home In Jesus

But to all who received Him (Jesus), who believed in His name, He gave power to become children of God.  John 1:12

Receiving Jesus by faith makes you an adopted child of the Heavenly Father. Through faith in Jesus your heart becomes like Jesus’ heart. His death on the Cross shows you His love for you and His heartfelt desire that you live in His family.

He will perfect you over time to be more like Himself. Perfecting faith begins with we experience the New Birth in Jesus and are saved. From that time onward you than seek to love Him more dearly, serve Him faithfully, and faithfully listen to Him through the Holy Spirit and studying His words in Scriptures.

Jesus Christ’s family loves our Heavenly Father and one another, confesses sins to Him and receives forgiveness, prays for His healing within each other, trusts Him, knows faith’s home with Him, and forgives others in kind ways.  As children of the Heavenly Father we rely on Jesus Presence within us as we use His power as to guide, direct, and make us better than we have to be.

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