Righted in Jesus

For this reason my joy has been fulfilled.  Jesus must increase but I must decrease.  John 3:29-30

Jesus and His disciples join in Baptizing in the river at the Judean countryside alongside John the Baptist and his disciples. People keep coming and coming –drawn by the Spirit of Jesus for the cleansing and renewal of their lives.  His Spirit is gifted to all who are baptized– one time for all time. Here is another most joyous time in Jesus’ life.

John willingly says he is a friend, endearingly calling Him Bridegroom as he greatly rejoices at the Bridegroom’s voice.  Jesus is the Bridegroom beginning the engagement period as those who believe in Him are brought into His Heavenly Father’s home in Him. Jesus’ voice, His words, His Holy Presence settles us into true home.

John calls us to decrease so that Jesus increases.  We are to straightaway proactively help Jesus do what He need to do, pouring His loving goodness into believers this world.  We are to offer baptism, pray the Holy Spirit’s anointing, and disciple others into Him. Jesus is the One who rights our souls, straightens our paths in Him, and corrects our wrongs through His forgiveness and His loving compassion when we humble ourselves before Him.

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