The Offer

although it was not Jesus Himself but His disciples who baptized– He left Judea and started back to Galilee.  But He had to go through Samaria.  John 4:2-4

In the Old Testament there is some land that Jacob gives to his son Joseph, on which there is a water well which the locals call ‘Jacob’s well.’  Jesus stops to sit by the well at noon, tired, as the disciples go into the city to buy food.  He is waiting for her, to give her an offer which will, at that moment and eternally, refresh her soul.

The refreshment of the soul which Jesus gives is instant and perpetual.  You start it up by pausing and simply loving Him.   Walk around while loving Him, work while loving Him, exercise while loving Him, take care of your spouse and kids while loving Him.  Start up the link and then He locks-in your loving link up– you with Him.

Turn your spirit to Him, His response, “I am here.”  Take His offer to live bonded with Him.  My friend, He chases away loneliness to make you never alone ever again.  Now that’s True Peace.  His offer stands.

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