Come And See The Man

“Come and see the Man that told me everything I have ever done.  He cannot be the Messiah, can He?”  John 4:29

After speaking with Jesus at Jacob’s well, the Samaritan woman leaves her jar at the well and runs into her city to tell others that the Savior is at her water well.  They literally flock out of the city to Him, stand and sit at Jacob’s well with Him, they believe and take in Jesus because of this woman.  She is the first Christian evangelist; her enthusiasm sparks salvation.

Put yourself in her place.  If you were on the outskirts of town getting water at noon and a tanned muscular man kindly told you your biography, and you had never seen him before this, it would amaze you.  He speaks of living water, tells you He is your Savior Lord and your heart leaps to love Him.  This is your Savior and He knows all of you– Jesus knows even the nitty gritty private info about you and His love completely fills your heart.

His Spirit refreshes, cleanses, and tethers.  She genuinely trusts Him, the One worthy– she meets her everything in Him.  So do we. What sins did Jesus forgive in this woman? We do not know yet she could not evangelize with such freedom without it. She told everyone, “Come and see the Man.”  When you sit at the well of Jesus’ love see and hear His unceasing kindness, deep compassion for you, and joy that He created you.

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