Jesus Food

But He said to them, “I have food to eat that you do not know about.”  John 4:32

Jesus’ food is success in the Plan of God.  The success of God is that we bring the whole world to Jesus to personally know and believe in Him.  Jesus says that you and I are to join in the success of God’s work– God sows the seeds of receptiveness to salvation within the hearts of others, and now Jesus has put the quest for Holy success within our hearts. Within us is His food — Jesus’ thoughts (found in Scripture), the blessings of Jesus oneness with you, your prayers He immediately responds to, and your alertness to the activity of the Holy Spirit within you and others.

Yesterday I talked with a man who told me while he was working he answered the front office phone. At the last of the phone conversation a man just surprisingly walked in off the street (they’re not the type of business one would just walk in), as he hung up the reception phone the man said to him, “I need prayer right now.”  The man said that his mind went completely blank so he asked a co-worker to come up to the front desk and this woman prayed the holiest of prayers.

The man did right to ask– sucess comes as we join forces to help others.  The secretary man was the ‘receiver’ as he listened to the man’s need and the woman who prayed was the ‘director’ as the Holy Spirit lifted her heart to the Lord’s ears beautifully. We may be surprised by another’s request yet we go right into action.  Through Jesus we work in harmony and with the honor of His service. He is our spiritual food’s Source, Chancellor for success, and Spirit Gifter. Together, we love like He loves.

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