Jesus Is Already King

When Jesus realized that they were about to come and take Him by force to make Him king, He withdrew again to the mountain by Himself.  John 6:15

Jesus is already King of the world and His Kingdom resides within our hearts.  We have presidents, kings, queens, leaders, and those who are elected or promoted into leadership by birth and yet these leaders are flawed by their humanity.  Only the King of Kings who has died on the Cross for our flawed humanity and has Resurrected from the dead can be, and is the One who rules this world.  Jesus Christ is the only perfect human to live with us, showing us and telling us how-to do and believe like Him.

He has shown us His Way and we are alive in His Kingdom.  He gives our heart’s the Way.  Align your heart with His Presence through the Holy Spirit. Within your soul He transforms you to be more and more like Him, with Him, living for Him.

Right after He withdraws to the mountain to be by Himself, the disciples take off in one of their boats, going out 3-4 miles into the sea.  A wild windy storm comes up unexpectantly, not making them fearful but they had heard tales ever since they were toddlers about the ghosts that lived out on the sea, and they believe they see a ghost walking toward them on top of the sea.  It was not a ghost, there are not ghosts, for He spoke to them and said, “It is I; Do not be afraid.”  Our King commands you too.  “Do not be afraid.”  Jesus is already King of your life and this world.

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