The Thing That Bugs You About You

Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life.  Whoever comes to Me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in Me will never be thirsty.  John 6:35

This is one of the greatest Promises of Jesus!!  Jesus is your everything, full satisfaction, and the only living Presence within your heart and mind that is transformative and renewing.  Do you need to change something about your character?  He will either change that in an instance, so that a new habit is formed for life, or He will show you how the Kingdom of Heaven can use that characteristic you have for His Purspose.

For instance, are you a person who speaks without thinking?  The Lord did not change Peter, who was bold to speak up and speak out, but this character trait is troubling if it is coupled with fear (like fear Peter lives with after Jesus is arrested and put on the Cross) as Peter denies Jesus three times.  Jesus pursues Peter with His forgiveness.  Peter is transformed!!  Next we see Peter writing the Gospel of Mark (with Mark), witnessing with his bold witnessing words, and traveling bravely and fearlessly.

The Bread of Life is Jesus Christ who forgives both you and Peter.   Jesus our Lord and Savior loves you into greater faith in Him with redeeming forgiveness.   Jesus glorifies Himself through your character traits.  Everything you need and desire is found in Jesus Christ.  Do what you need to do for Him and He will either transform your character traits or He will refine them.

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