The Gift of Forever

But the one who eats this Bread will live forever.  John 6:58

When Jesus talked about eternal life He not only brought new hope into the hearts of those who believed in Him as Savior and Lord of Life, He also gave them assurance.  Before His death on the Cross and His Resurection those who had died just went to the grave and lay there awaiting Him.  We live in the time of His Victory over death.  When you believe with faith in Him you receive eternal life!

You will see your Grandparents again, your friends who have gone to heaven before you, the baby who died unexpectantly, and the children who did not make it through human sickness that took their bodies yet not their souls!  Those believers in Christ the Bread of Heaven, whatever the age they died, will be in heaven to join with you in glorifying Him in heaven.

Christ has given us the gifts: to be in loving relationship with God through the Holy Spirit’s Presence and to receive eternal life.  Marvelous and wonderful gifts. Glorious gifts.  Awesome gifts.  And we are so very very thankful to Him for these gifts.  Thanks be to God for the gift of His Son Jesus Christ!  All glory and honor and love be to Him who died on the Cross to give us eternal life!

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