That One Jesus Christ

Jesus says, “… I came from God and now I am here, I did not come on My own, but He sent Me.  John 8:42

Jesus is here with us; alive in our hearts and embroidering believers together in the Kingdom of the Ancient of Days (Daniel 7:13-14).  The ‘Ancient of Days’ is God our Heavenly Father, referred to as such for countless generations who awaited the Son of Man, the human One, to be born in Bethlehem out of the lineage of David who is the King of the World.

Jesus Christ is that One and He is here with us.  Everything that you have and are and will be is an offering to Him.  He is here and that fact is total assurance.

Terrorists, wars, predators, abusers, and snakes may attempt to pull us out of the grip of Jesus Christ yet they are unable to acccomplish wrong.  For greater is Christ who is in us than evil that is in this world.  Jesus is here victorious, not only over grave death that once sought to leave us without hope hereafter but very truly Jesus Christ is victorious over all present darkness, evil deeds, those who seek to block God’s blessings, and anyone who would seek to put out the Light of Christ shining in each one of us– believers in Christ by faith, love, and hope.

YouTube video about Christ here Rev. Patricia E. Walker, pastor

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