The Kindergarten Girl

Jesus says, “The Father is in Me, and I am in the Father.”  John 10:38

To know Jesus Christ is to know God the heavenly Father.  Knowing is not believing.  When you believe in Jesus Christ and are His disciple then you have the fullness of understanding of who God is.  This was shown to me by our Lord at the third Church I served as Minister for the Lord Jesus Christ.

A kindergarten age girl would stop and chat with me after every Worship service.  Every one!  Her questions were always about God and my answers always pointed her to Jesus Christ.  But her questions proved to me that she understood who God is (knowing), yet something more was needed (believing).  That something more came by way of her Mother, who approached me, asking that she and her two daughters (one in kindergarten and the other a newborn) receive Baptism to accept the Holy Spirit’s anointing.

After the Baptism, the kindergardner girl continued to seek me out and have a chat after Worship but her questions had changed to summaries of her understanding of our compassionate, caring, guiding, and instructing Lord.  Each time as she summarized what the Lord had given to her in the Worship Service I found myself in awe of the transformation Jesus was making in this dear little one’s heart and mind.  I was awe of the Holy Spirit’s schooling this girl received each time she Worshipped, and when she listened to and loved Jesus Christ.

I believe in Baptism, the earlier the child’s age the better benefits and blessings, because it is essential to receive the Holy Spirit’s anointing for salvation in Jesus Christ.  He is the Way to the heavenly Father.

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