Jesus Is In-tune With You

Jesus says, “Where have you laid him [Lazarus]?”  They said to Him, “Lord, come and see.”  Jesus began to weep.  John 11:34-35

Jesus is so in tune with your emotions and your thoughts that should you ever reach the bottom depth of sadness He weeps with you.  Jesus’ humanity was real and His Holy empathy is engaged with your emotions.  No one understands you totally like Jesus does.  That is why He is the One to turn to in all circumstances, to abide in His Holiness and realign your soul parallel with Him.

Conversly, He is the One who rejoices with you when you rejoice; who fills you with His abundant Love when you are solo; who makes the Way for you when you place your faith in Him, trusting in God’s will for yourself and others.  Jesus anoints your head and hands with His Holiness to purify you, cleanse you, and direct you.  He knows you and His desire is for you to be in right relationship with Him and with other people.

There is nothing that you experience that He has not experienced, and He knows how to right things.  Trust in Him and lean not on your own understanding.  Be yourself– the strong Christian believer who hopes, loves, and has empathy with others.  He’ll catch you if you falter.  He’ll quickly pick you up and show you how to stand firm in faith in Him again.  He is Resurrection and that is everything.

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