Take The New View With Jesus

Jesus said to her [Martha],  “Did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the Glory Of God?”  John 11:40

There is a lesson in today’s Scripture that points you to abundant life in Christ.  Belief in Christ is faith, and faith is the evidence of things hoped for; the substance of things unseen.  Belief is hope in Christ.  Place all of your hope in Him and receive a new view of what is, what can be, and what assurance belongs to you.  The new view is given to you by the Holy Spirit; Jesus’ Presence which anointed you at your Baptism.

Although you cannot see the Holy Spirit, through the Spirit’s Presence within you the unseen things that Jesus Christ alive does are clearly and assuredly revealed.  Thus, you are looking with the Light Of Christ at the Glory Of God revealed.  You have new view.  So where does hope fit into this?  Hope and expectant living are parallel.

Expect God’s Power in every aspect of your life to reveal Jesus’ activity.  Jesus is not ever passive.

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