Your In Heavenly School

Whoever serves Me must follow Me, and where I am, there will My servant be also.  Whoever serves Me, the Father will honor.  John 12:26

When you give yourself to Christ completely, He then resides within your heart and mind to know Him and thus know the heavenly Father God.  Your former inclination to sin is diminished more and more by His Holy Presence within you, such that you are perfected as He makes more and more of you like Him when you humble yourself as His servant.  His will is your will.

Holy living and loving tops many of this worlds directives:  constant forgiveness tops the world’s call for only a few forgiving acts or revenge; loving genuinely tops the world’s line of love that goes so far and no more; decisions directed by His will tops the world’s advisement to gain more and more self promotion.

Living in Christ as His servant means that He will shower you with blessings as you gird yourself with an attitiude of encouragement, generous giving, kindness immeasurable, and compassion for others that is so deep it knows no stopping point.  You are a light bearer for Christ as His servant.  And to follow Christ all of your days is to constantly learn from Him in His heavenly school here on earth, His Kingdom within servant faith-filled believers.

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