Jesus Is The Light-Lock On You

Jesus says, “Walk while you have the Light so that the darkness may not overtake you.  If you walk in the darkness, you do not know where you are going.  While you have the Light, walk in the Light so that you may become children of Light.”  John 12:35b–36

In making your personal choice to reconcile your life with Jesus, He placed a Light-Lock on your life– the Savior Jesus Christ your Lord is your Partner now and forever.  Partnered to Him by only His actions of death on the Cross, Resurrection, 40 days of appearances, and Ascension to unite with God the Heavenly Father so that through Him you also unite with glorious Christian bounty of glorious Holiness.

The bounty, the abundant Treasure, is Jesus Christ your Way to see clearly, anticipate dearly in hope, and draw nearly to the Light of Christ’s Presence each and every moment.  What a gift of God is our Jesus Christ Partner.  What a joy of God is our Lord and Savior’s Lightening Presence.  Light in your darkness of uncertainty, stalled out action forward, and times when you do not yet understand what is happening.

What is the darkness?  You know.  What is Christ’s Light?  You know because of the fact you are partnered with Christ.  Live in the Light of His Love and Joy and join in, participate, choose to be with other wonderful believers of Christian community who are children of Light too.  Keep choosing His Light.  It is locked on you.

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