Who Can Judge You?

Jesus says, “I do not judge anyone who hears My words and does not keep them, for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.”  John 12:47

Jesus speaks this in the middle of a summary of His teaching; look at the summary in your Bible verses 44-50 in chapter 12 of John’s Gospel.  Question:  So if Jesus Christ does not judge you then Who does?  Only One.  God the Heavenly Father of Jesus Christ.  The awesome quality of your Savior is that He is loving you all the time, even though you are flawed.  He sees you filled with His Light, as a child of the Heavenly Father, and as your flaws tangle your decisions at times He is the One to unravel the tangles and right you again.

Marvelous Savior!  Your base level joy is found in the certainty our Savior Lord is perfecting you to become more more like Himself.  Perhaps one of the best examples of this is Peter the Rock, who confidently puts his heart and intellect into living with faith partnership with Jesus, doesn’t always make the best choices, even so he securely receives recovery by Jesus’ forgiveness, compassion, and saving grace.

Christ Resurrected unfailingly works with Peter, pulling him into His forgiveness and Love, cleansing him to complete recovery and we find Peter preaching the Pentecost sermon– words that spark Christ’s Holy Spirit to fill those who choose Christ and come up for Baptism at Pentecost!  As He does for Peter so He does for you.  Christ Resurrected unfailingly works with you constantly, never giving up, never giving in, and never hesitant with His Love for you.  Marvelous!  What then?  Love others as Jesus loves you.

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