Put Your Sword Back, Jesus Says

Jesus says: “Put your sword back into its sheath.  Am I not to drink the Cup that the Father has given Me?”  John 18:11


In defense of Jesus Lord and Savior, Peter has just cut off the ear of Malchus the high priest’s slave.  Understanding that the disciples have lived years under threats of persecution for their faith in our Lord, it is actually admirable that Peter boldly defends Jesus in this manner, yet Jesus correctively speaks to the crux of the situation.  He is to drink the Cup of Salvation; go to the Cross and die– that is the grand and glorious Plan of the Heavenly Father.  Jesus heals Malchus’ ear.

Jesus’ sacrifice of Himself is believer’s cherished thought held dear.   Each time we take Holy Communion we are drinking of the cup as He commands us to confess, repent, and remember His real sacrifice on the Cross for us.  There is no greater love than One [Jesus Christ} lay down His life for His friends.  My friend, He has done this for you and you are not to betray His Love for you, not to turn your back on Him, and not to deny His abundant Love for you.  Yet, if you should fail Him and then truly repent, He is just to forgive you and tenderly take you back.

Go into today, each day, with Jesus Christ your Savior and Lord leading and guiding you.  Trust Him and rely on the Sword Of The Spirit, the Holy Spirit’s Power, to do battle and to go the distance with you.  The Sword Of The Spirit is a mighty Power given at your Baptism and our armor of God has equipped you as you pray forward in the fullness of the Name Of Jesus Christ. Ask anything as you align yourself with God’s will and purpose.  Sheath, and rather use the Sword Of The Spirit to do battle beside other Christians to Baptize and bring each and every person on this planet to Christ Jesus the Redeemer Friend.

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