Peace To Live By

Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, “I have seen the Lord”; and she told them that He had said these things to her. When it was evening on that day the first day of the week, and the doors of the house where the disciples had met were locked for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you.” After He said this He showed them His hands and His side. Then the disciples rejoiced when they saw the Lord. John 20:18-20

Jesus Christ says, “Peace be with you,” then later adds, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent Me so I send you.” Here Christ’s first Peace is linked with Mary Magdalene’s witness to joy when in the garden she meets beautiful Jesus Resurrected. As Christ speaks, “Peace be with you,” to the men and women disciples His real and certain peace filled presence returns to them and they rejoice.

The second Peace which Christ gives is preparation peace, This is the peace that we find in Worship, in prayer, while we study Scripture, as we live Christ-like lives, and when we are truly loving as He loves. His peace readies our souls to share Him with others in very personal ways. This peace entails Holy Spirit motivation to confidently talk about about Jesus Christ alive Presence and equips you for His service as His disciple.

Notice that Christ shows His hands and his side to them then the disciples rejoice. I ask you to focus on His scars like this because He did not need to keep the scars after death and Resurrection. He could have returned to us without scars. His disciples would have still recognized Him and loved Him. Yet He kept the scars to show us the inestimable price that He paid for our freedom and for our peace.

Incline your ear, and come to Me. Hear, and your soul shall live. Isaiah 53:3.

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