Peter Is Propelled

When they had finished breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon son of John, do you love Me more than these?” He said to Him, “Yes, Lord; you know that I love You.” Jesus said to him, “Feed my lambs.” John 21:15

Peter, by Jesus Christ’s charcoal fire, has just had breakfast with Jesus and the other disciples and Peter is about to be propelled. He loves Jesus more than anyone he knows. And during this third Post-Resurrection appearance our wonderful Savior Jesus Christ is showing us, again, He IS forgiveness. He IS loving compassion– compassion to salvation. He IS everything that saves and redeems us. We love victorious Christ, Good Shepherd, the beloved Son of the Living God, our Emmanuel– with us completely and fully.

Now, Jesus uses Peter’s three denials as a one-on-one celebration of Peter’s true love for Him. In the original Greek the word love is with unity, intimacy, and mutuality with God. Just as Peter had denied Him three times so Peter affirms His love for Him three times, now with honestly and faithfulness. Undeniably, Christ knows what’s within hearts and minds and as you love Him in quiet humble celebration He draws you even nearer to Him, like Peter.

This is how Christ propels Peter into service for Him, with His three commands to ‘feed His lambs and sheep’ and here He propels us. My friend, love Him with all that you are and serve Him with faith’s Power. Turn not your back on Him to rely on yourself alone for you reap what you sow. Galatians 6:7 says, Sow Christ and His forgiving Love. Victorious on the Throne Of God, ask Him to scrub you daily from all unrighteousness then carry on your day loving Him. Love Christ and say with Peter, “You are the Christ! The Son of the Living God. I love You in all ways!” He propels you to feed His lambs.

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