Sun To Darkness, Moon To Blood

The sun shall be spurned to darkness and the moon to blood, before the coming of the Lord’s great and glorious day. Then everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord shall be saved. Acts 2:20-21

Peter references the prophecy from Joel to mark the Beginning of Jesus’ Church at Pentecost, yet the end-of-time portion of Joel’s prophecy is ahead of us which we will recognize and call on the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. When Jesus Christ was crucified there was a time of darkness for 3 hours but it was not what Joel predicts as the Day Of Our Lord.

Peter calls his listeners to think about Joel’s prophecy because the Day Of Pentecost is similar and it is a part of God’s Plan. Now it is up to us to bring others into Jesus’ Presence so that as the Day Of Our Lord comes, the end times, then they will know to call on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus God’s Son came to us showing us three things– miracles, wonders, and signs. We know that He is Messiah and our Lord. On Pentecost Jesus’ Holy Presence is put into believer’s hearts and minds by the gift of the Holy Spirit. With the Spirit of Truth (as Jesus calls the Spirit) you are led, fed, and held in right standing with God by the power of the Holy Spirit. Spirit continues with Jesus’ miracles, wonders, and signs in your life.

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