Your Holy Spirit Ability

But God raised Him up, having freed Him from death, because it was impossible for Him to be held in its power. Acts 2:24

Death and evil never has a hold on you because Jesus Christ’s power is greater. Always has been and always will be. Christ’s powerful love blesses you with Spirit ability.

The Holy Spirit ability to powerfully refresh you with Jesus Christ’s alive Presence happens when you believe, study Scriptures, and take action for Christ. Questions are answered by Spirit. Guidance, help, His protection, relief, undergirding for your faith are freely given by Spirit. When you ask Christ then Spirit speak His answers. When you ask you will receive because His love for you is greater than anything.

As you are Spirit filled, Spirit gives you dawns of understanding that in all situations is not about you rather it’s all about Him. Life in service to Christ is about others. Not everyone will welcome you. Not everyone will listen to you. Not everyone will betray you. Not everyone will love you with Christ-like love. Yet Spirit power goes right around these that seek to bar Christ’s love from their lives so that your example of Jesus’ love is magnified in their lives.

Your Lord Jesus is freed from death so that you are freed. Completely depend on your Jesus Christ Good Shepherd who gave His life for you. (John 10:ll-18). What greater love can He show you?

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