Perfect Health through Jesus Christ

And by faith in His Name, His Name itself has made this man strong, whom you see and know’ and the faith that is through Jesus has given him this perfect health in the presence of all of you. Acts 3:16

Peter is asking you if you see the man lame from birth who has been completely healed by Jesus Christ? As you see him, do you want to receive Christ and be a part of His Kingdom? Kingdom health occurs from the inside out. When your soul is cleansed by Jesus then the outward result is health. Does this mean that should we be born with any disease or infirmity that we can achieve perfect health in Jesus Christ? Yes it does.

While the lame man’s healing occurs instantly you also learn from Scriptures that there are some healings that occur over a matter of time. Peter had a healing that occurred over time. This miracle of healing is shown to you so that you may understand that using the Holy Name of Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior out-loud every time as you pray prompts the Holy Spirit’s delight to shower blessings upon ones in need.

The Salvation Kingdom Principal is at work here. Jesus died on the Cross bearing your sin and disease so that you are free to enter abundant healthy life with Him. Faith and full trust in Jesus Christ is your operating mode for life. Jesus’ Resurrection gives you vitality, joyful demeanor, inner strength, and a healthy mind when you use your faith. Your faith in action is needed in His Kingdom, for your ministry is vital to other’s health.

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