The Word of God Spreads

The Word of God continued to spread; the number of the disciples increased greatly in Jerusalem, and a great many of the priests became obedient to the faith. Acts 6:7

The Word of God, the Living Presence of Christ including the Holy Spirit, is spreading throughout Jerusalem. His Presence is both mighty and tremendously personal, touching each believer who loves Him and filling them with the holy desire to serve Him and live for Him. Jesus’ Church at roughly 25,000 believers is multiplying rapidly and the Church hears concerns lifted up by the Greek Hellenists to care for the widows.

In response, the Lord leads His Church to choose seven men for Holy administrative/social-service purposes. His Church activates a program for poverty. The group of seven includes Stephen who is described in Scripture as filled with grace and power, doing great wonders and signs (Jesus’ miracles continue in the Church, as today) among the people. (v. 8). Stephen and the other six deacons have serving faith which is witnessing faith. They are chosen for thinking and acting with spiritual Truth, which is Christ Jesus, and for honesty through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The seven men are most-Holy administrators for God’s Kingdom and when the Apostles lay hands on them it is the sign of covenant partnership and the Spirit’s alignment of their souls. In Scripture the soul is a person’s vitality– activated by the Holy Spirit. We may also see our souls as the ethereal part of us which after our death continues on to heaven with Jesus. Believers who previously walked and lived in the darkness of their souls take in and love the Great Light of God in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Risen Redeemer and Living Word of God.

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  1. Reverend Walker’s message inspires creative thought. “His Light shines in the darkness through you”
    Light is described as “Natural energy that stimulates sight and makes things visible”. How the artist presents the influence of light on the elements of a composition can inspire the viewer with a sense of Peace and Joy. I see each new sunrise as an opportunity to apply the Light of Christ for our common good through the visual arts.

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