You Are Beautiful Before God

At this time Moses was born, and he was beautiful before God. For three months he was brought up in his father’s house; and when he was abandoned, Pharaoh’s daughter adopted him and brought him up as her own son. Acts 7:20-21

On trial before those he has called his fathers and brothers, Stephen launches into his sermon. His foremost desire is to draw them into the Holy Presence of Christ as he stands in heavenly anointing to preach. He is before them hoping to connect with their (and our) common history of faith. With his first words the Holy Spirit takes hold of his thoughts, guides his believer’s witness, and he senses with beautiful conviction that he is to lay out the Grand Plan of God in His Son Jesus Christ before these council folks.

First lifting up Abraham with his words, then weaving in Moses, he next says, “So Moses was instructed in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was powerful in his words and deeds.” v. 22. Stephen has already pointed out that Abraham was not raised in a holy household; his family worshipped idols and yet God gripped his heart for sacred purpose within the Grand Plan. They agree with this. Stephen points out that Moses too was raised in a foreign household yet Almighty God is solidly right there directing him in beautiful holiness.

You are beautiful before God too. As you were born into this world He supplied your strength to draw your first breath of holiness; God’s loving holiness. The family you were born into, the marriage and children you have now, the work life you participate in now are all influences. Yet, the greatest influence overriding all of these is God’s influence to draw you into His Grand Plan to receive the Holy Spirit and love Jesus Christ continually, all the days of your life. You are living in beautiful holiness, directed by the Spirit, and like Stephen God consumes you with beautiful conviction to use.

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2 thoughts on “You Are Beautiful Before God

  1. Reverend Walker’s last paragraph contains such powerful takeaways to start each new day. No matter what, we know that we are all beautiful, created by God, with inspired talent and lifelong missions, and that our contributions are worthy of much praise. The gifts of the Holy Spirit provide the energy and guidance for our life’s endeavor’s and the Word delivers the power and confidence of conviction.

  2. Amen Michael when you say, “with inspired talent and lifelong missions.” Thanks for this takeaway! Using Holy Spirit power is truly highlighted for us in the Book Of Acts. I appreciate your comments as I sit writing at my father’s desk.

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