Following And Listening To God

When he (Moses) was forty years old, it came into his heart to visit his relatives, the Israelites. When he saw one of them being wronged, he defended the oppressed man and avenged him by striking down the Egyptian. Acts 7:23-24

Stephen points out that by an impulse from God, Moses visits his Jewish family and sees a task master is mistreating an Israelite man. Moses’ all encompassing love for his people is extremely strong fuel although he has been raised and has been working in Pharaoh’s household, groomed in how to act with authority. Yet out of intense anger Moses strikes the task master down and murders him to avenge the wrong done to the Jewish man. Because of this event Moses is demeaned, then flees yet to find himself working for an Israelite family with whom he finds loving companionship through the Heavenly Father and unity in the One True God.

Through Spirit inspired words, Stephen directs the council to grasp the understanding that faith is based on following and listening to God instead of self-driven actions and thoughts. By the Spirit, Stephen is fighting the good fight of faith right now– using his words. Throughout his dialogue Jesus Christ is anointing these words about God’s chosen people so that Stephen might present to them His Chosen One Messiah and Lord.

For Moses, it is another 40 years before the burning bush ignites his heart with great desire to serve the Heavenly Father. On Mount Sinai Moses receives the, ‘You shall not murder.’ (Exodus 20:13) Murder is on the minds of those in the council as they listen to Stephen defend himself against a half-truth. Stephen has the Holy Spirit– who gives us everything when tests of faith occur, when persecution comes at us, and where on our own we would fail. Faith is the Spirit powerfully moving in situations to shield your heart as your words speak volumes for our Lord and Savior.

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  1. Reverend Walker shines light on the power of whole truth when facing the hard test. The ever-present Holy Spirit steers the humble heart, with patience and self-control, to tell it all, as breakthroughs are revealed and success is rewarded!

  2. Thank you Michael for further drawing our attention to the ever-present Holy Spirit! We are blessed as you share your faith in Christ here.

  3. AlphaChurch is the canvas, your desk is the paint. Your written work inspires us to share life experience for the goodness of all. Thank you so much for your steady hand.

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