We Are A Blessed Generation!

This is the Moses who said to the Israelites, ‘God will raise up a prophet for you from your own people as He raised me up.’ He is the one who was in the congregation (Church) in the wilderness with the angel who spoke to him at Mount Sinai, and with our ancestors; and he received living oracles to give to us. Our ancestors were unwilling to obey him… Acts 7:37-39

Stephen speaks now about the One within the history of the Israelites where Another has been woven into important heritage events. This One is our Messiah Jesus our Lord and Savior; Jesus is always where God is! Jesus Resurrected is in the Holy Spirit through Stephen as Stephen reveals Jesus Christ to these stiff necked listeners on the council. Stephen wants to convert them.

Stephen refers to the living oracles (v. 39) which are the Ten Commandments. Moses met God on the mountain top and later Moses met Jesus, with Elijah, on another mountain top at the Transfiguration. Where God spoke to one man Moses, now through belief in Christ we hear Him speak within our hearts. We are a blessed generation! Jesus Christ is the Word of God our mediator; our heartfelt desire to be used to convert others is lifted to Jesus who elaborates and purifies these for God to respond.

Jesus Word of God, can discern all secret intentions of your heart. ‘Indeed the Word of God is living and active …’ Hebrews 4:12. In other words, you have absolutely no secrets from Jesus Christ. This activity of Christ’s allows Him to love you completely and fully, and use you for His spiritual purposes done by the Holy Spirit (like invite a stiff necked listener to yield to Christ). The living oracles of the Spirit are within the living Word of God Jesus Christ. As with Stephen, your dear Holy Spirit enlivens your eyes, rejoices your heart, converts souls, and raises you from the dead.

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