Spirit Always Victorious!

When they heard these things, they became enraged and ground their teeth at Stephen. But filled with the Holy Spirit, he gazed into Heaven and saw the Glory of God and Jesus standing at the right Hand of God. “Look,” he said, “I see the Heavens opened and the Son of Man standing at the right Hand of God!” But they covered their ears, and with a loud shout all rushed together against him. Acts 7:54-57

Stephen is completely filled with the Holy Spirit as he speaks to the council, so much so that when he looks up into Heaven he sees the Glory of God and Christ. This was not his imagination nor a emotional event prompted by the tense situation he was in for this is the fullness of his witness in Truth. In reaction, the men on the council cover their ears not wanting to hear about Resurrected Jesus standing at the right Hand of God. They cover their ears as their hearts are vacant of all faith, causing them to grind their teeth in anger.

Some may think ‘poor Stephen, he is about to be murdered because he was just one person standing against so many angry men.’ Yet Stephen would say, “Not poor me; please rejoice with me for I stood fast in faith in our Resurrected Christ and witnessed to these unbelievers and murders of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit was and is victorious!” Even if you are just one person speaking the right things for our Resurrected Christ stand fast and strong in the Holy Spirit and fear nothing of this world that may hurt you.

Each witness for Christ receives the victory! We do not fear death. Our fear is that our witness will shrink us into background-people because when we are put to the test-of-our-faith by anyone in this world we choose to be afraid to stand firm in our faith and rise to the challenge set before us. Take Stephen as your template to witness for Jesus and speak boldly about Jesus Christ. “Be not afraid,” Jesus says, “I have overcome this world.” He has and this world cannot harm our faith in Him anywhere, anytime, or any believer.

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  1. Reverend Walker inspires us to shine the Light on hesitation and fear.
    We’re facing another steep climb but we can count on our forever best Partner. The Holy Spirit’s steady supply of patience and self-control insures a successful path to the view at the top and a new notch on our walking stick.

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