Holy Spirit Is Moving This Night

Meanwhile Peter continued knocking; and when they opened the gate, they saw him and were amazed. Acts 12:16

The power of the Holy Spirit is moving this night! Believers in the house have not listened to Rhoda telling them that Peter is at the door yet even in the midst of questioning her they hear Peter continue the knocking. When the gate or the outer door to Mary’s home is opened Peter motions to them for quiet and softly tells them how our Lord freed him from persecution and imprisonment.

Then as he finishes his last word of explanation he is off into the night to make his travels to Caesarea. This is a night of affirmation– our Lord’s compassionate care guides us. His Spirit directs each heart individually. Also we are taught by Holy Spirit how to listen with deep concentration, for Spirit leads us.

Holy Spirit leads us both around trouble or if in trouble, Spirit gives us great strength and clear mindedness in Christ. Enjoin our Lord in your holy prayers for release of fear, to receive secure hope in Him, and find beautiful communion in conversation with your heart encased in His love.

Rev. Patricia E. Walker, AlphaChurch.org

Author: At My Father's Desk

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