Take Inventory Of Your Faith— Paul Says

After some days Paul said to Barnabas, “Come, let us return and visit the believers in every city where we proclaimed the Word of the Lord and see how they are doing.” Acts 15:36

Paul and Barnabas are planning to begin their second missionary journey. Paul is thinking of visiting the Churches that they planted yet this is not all that our Lord has intended; Jesus will take him further, just as He takes us further. The Holy Spirit will direct Paul where to go to, speak Christ, and convict/convince/convert.

Paul and Barnabas are desirous of a check-up with those who are new to faith in Jesus Christ. They will do an inventory of faith, hope, and love. This is an inventory we may review for ourselves too, asking: How is my faith?– deep, strong, expanding, and secure in the practice that I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me?

Do I live and speak hope?– praying constantly, living with anticipation as to what our Lord is going to do next, encouraging others to hope with me for our Lord’s hand in matters where He goes before me in a Mighty Way?

Do I spend time with the Lord receiving His love and so much so it overflows into the lives of Christians around me? Our love is a witness to non-believers who reject Jesus knocking at the door of their hearts and Jesus uses us in the battle to bring them to His feet. Love hopes all things, bears all things, and believes fully in Jesus Christ’s Way within this world and the next. Jesus is our all in all, forever.

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  1. The Holy Spirit guides us to “check up” on the rest of us, a perfect example of God’s Love at Work.
    Thank you Reverend Walker for tending our garden of Faith!

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