Acts Study Notes

Luke writes Acts Of The Apostles.  This Scriptural Book opens with Jesus Christ’s command to disciples to spread the Good News of Christ Resurrected throughout the world. Pentecost occasions the gift of the Holy Spirit and Peter preaches. Disciple Stephen is stoned to death while Paul holds the cloaks of those with stones. Later Paul is blinded by the Light of Christ on Damascus road. Paul is to spread the News of Jesus’ salvation and share the Hope of the Resurrection to the Gentiles. Paul has three missionary journeys and his fourth journey is to Rome to witness for Christ before kings and paupers. Jesus’ gift to us of the Holy Spirit is found throughout Acts.

Acts Chapter 1               chapter/verse
Wait For The Promise Of The Father     1:4-5
Jesus Goes Up To Heaven     1:9-10
Our Hearts Join In Christ’s Love     1:12-13
Keep Your Faith From Failing     1:15-26

Acts Chapter 2                chapter/verse
The Day Of Pentecost     2:1-4
God’s Marvelous Deeds     2:12
God Pours Out His Spirit     2:16-17
Sun to Darkness, Moon to Blood     2:20-21
Your Holy Spirit Ability     2:22-25
Truth     2:25
Baptism     2:38-39
Spirit On Fire Within Us     2:40-42
Living In Awe     2:43-44
Be Good     2:46-47

Acts Chapter 3              chapter/verse
The Power of Love     3:3-8
Joy    3 :9-10
Jesus Christ Is Love     3:12-15
Perfect Health Through Jesus Christ     3:16
Use Your Faith    3:19

Acts Chapter 4              chapter/verse
Holy Spirit Hearing     4:1-4
Use This Compassion     4:8-10
Can’t Help But Talk About Jesus     4:19-20
Our Overcoming God     4:29-31
You Be The One     4:32-33
How Are We To Act?     4:33-35
Hand Out And Hand Up     4:36-37

Acts Chapter 5              chapter/verse
About A Lie– Large or Small     5:4
Fit Us For Heaven     5:14-15
Message About This Life     5:17-21
Open Way To God     5:27-32
Taken Holy Hold     5:38-39
Always With Jesus Christ     5:40-42

Acts Chapter 6            &nbsp ; chapter/verse
Christian Vitality Within You       6:2-4
The Word Of God Spreads     6:7
Christ Within Us Always Has The Victory     6:8-11

Acts Chapter 7               chapter/verse
Listen     7:1-2
Holy Direction     7:2-8
You Are Beautiful Before God     7:20-21
Following And Listening To God& nbsp;   7:23-24
We Are A Blessed Generation       7:37-39
Jesus Gives You Holy Spirit     7:39-42
Where God Dwells       7:47-50
Heart Stayed Ears Filled       7:51-53
Spirit Always Victorious       7:54-57
Do Not Hold This Sin Against Them       7:58-60

Acts Chapter 8               chapter/verse
Fan The Fire Of The Holy Spirit     8:1-3
Unafraid And Confident In Faith     8:4-8
Holy Intentions     8:12-13
Choose Christ Daily     8:20-24
The Work Of The Holy Spirit     8:25
Get Up And Go     8:26-28
The Holy Spirit Said     8:29-31
Phillip Proclaims The Good News     8:34-35
What Is To Prevent Me From Being Baptized?     8:36-39

Acts Chapter 9               chapter/verse
How To Handle The Breather     9:1-2
When God Suddenly Attacks     9:3-7
Saul’s Blindness     9:8-9
Jesus Speaks To Ananias     9:10-12
Saul Sees The Brilliance Of The Kingdom     9:17-18
Jesus Shows Us This     9:19-22
Over The Wall In A Basket     9:23-26
Countless Souls Saved And To Be Saved     9:27-28
Peace Here     9:31
Jesus Heals You     9:32-35
Let Us Arise     9:40-42

Acts Chapter 10               chapter/verse
Call No Person Common     10:1-3
Go Without Hesitation     10:19-21
Stand Up, I Am Only A Mortal     10:23-26
We Are Witnesses     10:39-41
Holy Spirit Falls     10:44-47

Acts Chapter 11               chapter/verse
And I Began To Speak     11:15-17
True Repentance     11:18
Seeing Your Grace Of God     11:19-24
Agabus’ Prediction     11:27-28

Acts Chapter 12               chapter/verse
Spirit Views     12:1-3
Peter Sleeping Between Two Soldiers     12:5-7
Sure In The Lord     12:11
Prayer At Mary’s Home     12:12-14
Holy Spirit Is Moving This Night     12:16
To Glorify God     12:21-23

Acts Chapter 13               chapter/verse
The Holy Spirit Said     13:2-3
On Cyprus Island     13:6-7
Give It     13:15-16
God’s Uplifted Arm     13:16-18
Land As Inheritance     13:19-20
A Man After My Heart     13:22
A Savior Jesus, As He Promised     13:23-25
Two Simple Verses From Acts 13     13:26-27
God Raised Him From The Dead     13:29-31
We Bring You The Good News     13:32-33
Through This Man Jesus     13:34-37
Christ Resurrected Gives Forgiveness     13:38-39
Revolution Has Begun In Christ     13:40-42
Listen With Your Heart     13:43-44
Paul Speaks Out Boldly     13:46
They Praised The Word Of The Lord     13:48

Chapter 14               chapter/verse
Strengthened By Persecution     14:4-7
Stand Upright On Your Feet     14:10-11,15
Scruples     14:21
Receive And Spread Encouragement     14:22
The Door Of Faith     14:24-28

Chapter 15               chapter/verse
As The Holy Spirit Leads     15:4-5
Peter Speaks At Church Controversy     15:7-9
What A Day It Was As Barnabas And Paul Witnessed     15:12
God’s Guidance During Controversy     15:19-21
What The Holy Spirit Directs     15:23-29
Take Inventory Of Your Faith– Paul says     15:36
Paul And Barnabas Go Separate Directions     15:39-41

Chapter 16               chapter/verse
Paul Went On To Derbe And Lystra   16:1-3
Being Forbid By The Holy Spirit     16:6-10
Judge Me To Be Faithful     16:13-15
Learn This First Hand     16:16-18
Paul And Silas Are Beaten     16:22-24
Praise To Our Lord Jesus     16:28-33
Jesus Is Victorious Over Hate     16:37

Chapter 17               chapter/verse
Paul’s Custom– Given By The Holy Spirit     17:2-3
People Turning The World Upside Down     17:5-9
More Receptive     17:11-12
Paul’s New Teaching     17:19-20
Paul At The Areopagus     17:22-3

Chapter 18               chapter/verse
Paul Begins Church In Corinth   18:1-6
Jesus Says, “I Am With You”     18:8-11
The Power Of The Holy Spirit In Paul     18:12-13
Paul Wants All To Hear: Christ Is Risen From The Dead     18:18-19
Apolos Listens To Priscilla And Aquila     18:24-28

Chapter 19               chapter/verse
They’d Never Heard Of Holy Spirit   19:4-7
Miracles Through Paul     19:11-14
Big Rioting In Ephesus Protests Christians Of The Way     19:27-28

Chapter 20               chapter/verse
Paul Preaching Christ’s Encouragement   20:1-6
Young Man     20:7-10
Tenderheartedness     20:16-20

Chapter 21               chapter/verse
Holy Spirit With Us     21:4
Four Daughters Prophesy     21:7-14
Paul Visits James In Jerusalem     21:18-19
Paul’s Choice In Jerusalem     21:20-28
Paul Dragged Out Of Jerusalem Temple     21:30
To Tribune Paul Says, “I Am A Jew From Tarsus”     21:37-38