John Study Notes

John is firsthand witness to God’s Grand Plan as Jesus is God’s truth revealed in love, Savior, and faithful Friend.  The purpose of Rev. Walker’s commentary on the Gospel of John is that we study God’s Word together evidencing proof that Jesus Christ is alive within our hearts, minds, and souls.

John Chapter 1              chapter/verse
Fresh Light of Jesus Savior    1:1-5
Your Family and Home In Jesus  1:12
Glorify Jesus 1:14
What Do You Say About Yourself  1:22
Here is the Lamb Of God  1:36
Rock Solid Faith  1:41
Pure  1:49-50
Chapter 2
Everyone Serves the Good   2:10
Zeal Consumes Jesus  2:16
Grip Faith 2:23
Chapter 3
Faith It         3:7
Family      3:16
Saving Love    3:17
Righted In Jesus     3:29-30
Your Promotion 3:34
Chapter 4
The Offer   4:2-4
Come And See The Man   4:29
Jesus’ Food   4:32
Jesus Does   4:50
Chapter 5
About Trying   5:6
Go ahead and Live, Live, Live    5:24
Is Now Here 5:25
Jesus Work    5:36-37
Jesus Irritated   5:42-43
Chapter 6
Gather Up   6:11-12
Jesus Is Already King   6:15
The Food That completely Satisfies   6:26-27
The Thing That Bugs You About You   6:35
The Bread of Life Feeds You   6:47, 51
The Sweetest Times That You’ll Have   6:54
The Gift of Forever    6:58
Contrasting Peter and Judas   6:69-71
Chapter 7
They Were Angry With Jesus  7:21-23
Quench Your Thirst   7:37-38
Police do Not Arrest   7:45-46
Chapter 8
God Your Way    8:11
My friend, keep Believing  8:12
Who to Really Listen To   8:19
You Are Never Alone   8:29
Get to the Truth   8:31
That One, Jesus Christ   8:42
To Never See Death   8:54
Chapter 9
What A Savior We Serve   9:3-4
Lord I Believe   9:37-39
Chapter 10
Through the Gate    10:7-10
Your Good Shepherd   10:14,17
The Kindergarten Girl   10:38
Chapter 11
How To Help One Who Is Grieving  11:17-20
Anticipate   11:25-27
Jesus Is In-tune With You   11:34-35
Take The News View With Jesus  11:40
Breath Deeply Of Jesus Christ   11:41-44
Forgive Like Jesus   11:47-49
Seeing Your Loved Ones In Heaven   11:50
Chapter 12
Tell Others About This Gift   12:3
Step Into Holy Spirit Living   12:14-16
Your in Heavenly School   12:26
Jesus Is Troubled   12:27-31
Jesus Is The Light-Lock On You   12:35-36
Who Can Judge You?  12:47
Chapter 13
Cleansed By Jesus Now   13:3-5
Jesus Completes The Abigail Act   13:12-17
Safe Like Jesus’ great great Grand Ruth   13:18-20
How To Love Like Jesus Christ   13:34-35
How To Recover Personal Strength In Any Situation   13:38
Chapter 14
World Peace Possible?  14:1
Where Are You Going   14:2-4
The Business of Bringing   14:15-17
Live Him Up    14:19-23
To Know Peace IS To Remember   14:27
Chapter 15
Jesus Shows Us How To   !5:1-4
The Main Thing About Jesus   15:7-11
Your Jesus Friendship    15:12-15
They Hated Jesus Without Cause   15:22-25
Jesus Wants To Keep You From Stumbling   15:26-16:1
Chapter 16
Generosity Is Christ’s Middle Name   16:8-11
Holy Spirit Alive   16:12-14
How To Use Jesus’ Name As You Close Your Prayers 16:22-24
Chapter 17
Jesus Prays To Be Glorified   17:1-5
You Can!  Help Someone — when You Are Trusting Christ  17:15-19
Jesus’ Will Be Done  17:24-26
Chapter 18
How Not To Betray Jesus  18:1-3
Put Your Sword Back, Jesus says   18:11
Disciples John and Peter    18:15-17
Ask Those Who Know Jesus   18:21-24
Peter Denies Knowing Jesus Three Times   18:25-32
How Jesus Testifies Truth  18:37
Chapter 19
How Jesus Is Victorious   19:1-7
Pray, It Is Prayer Priority TIME   19:14-16
Jesus Is Crucified Between Two Others   19:16-19
Stand Near The Cross    19:25-27
Jesus Fulfills The Passover   19:28-37
Third Day Revival Touch    19:38-39
Chapter 20
At Jesus’ Tomb Mary Magdalene Is Transformed   20:1-2, 11-12
Peace To Live By   20:18-20
Tell The Gospel, Show Christ To Others   20:26-29
More of jesus Christ    20:30-31
Chapter 21
153 Fishes    21:9-11
Christ At The Charcoal Fire   21:12-14
Peter Is Propelled   21:15
New Motivation      21:16
Glorify Christ With Your Life and Death    21:18-19
Books That Would Be Written   21:25

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