Holy Spirit With Us

We looked up the disciples and stayed there for seven days. Through the Spirit they told Paul not to go on to Jerusalem. Acts 21:4

When Paul, Luke, and other disciples part from the Ephesian leaders in Miletus where the ship docked, here are men weeping at the parting. It is so sad because they will not see Paul’s face again and none of them know that Paul, with the aid of Luke, will be the receivers of his dear letters of further and affirming instructions in the faith.

They sail straight course to Cos, to Rhodes, Patara, Phoenicia, near Cyprus and Syria, then land in Tyre because the ship unloads its cargo in Tyre. They know there are disciples in Tyre as prophesied in Psalm 87:4. In that same Psalm the Philistines and Ethiopians also are mentioned, and reference Acts 8:40 and Acts 27:4.

In Tyre they stay with the believers for seven days in order to celebrate the sabbath together. The Holy Spirit speaks to the Tyre disciples and they alert Paul to what the Spirit is saying to them, “they told Paul not to go to Jerusalem.” v. 4. The disciples understand their prophetic understanding and feel they need warn Paul. If Paul felt so inclined by Spirit he could choose not to go to Jerusalem.

Spirit has been telling Paul what will happen to him in Jerusalem and he is not afraid. Paul’s desire is to celebrate Pentecost with the other apostles and believers in Jerusalem. He fully understands he will be arrested and he is not afraid because Spirit makes it so. Just as Paul, we are never alone for Spirit, Christ, and God are always with us. Just as Jesus knew the crucifixion would bring His New Life into believers in Him, Paul has an understanding that the manner in which he dies will bring glory to Christ.

After the seven days are ended in Tyre, every believer young and old come to escort Paul, Luke, and the disciples out of the city. They all knelt on the beach and prayed glorious prayers! They were so thankful for Paul, Luke, and the disciples. This is a Jesus-love feast on the beach! This great crowd of believers see them to the ship and stay until it sets sail. Then Tyre believers return to their homes and Spirit unfailingly continues to lead them!

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